With a consultancy like us on your side you will possess the power to evolve, grow and expand your business in any which way you choose. The sky is literally the limit!

If you’re looking to keep your business overheads to a minimum, being utility competent imperative. Saving on utilities will allow you to lay your focus on, and in turn feed your money into more important aspects of your business. You needn’t lift a finger during your entire switching process – you can sit back and relax as we, your dedicated consultancy, perform all of the tedious ‘donkey work’ for you.

SwiftSwitch is a utility consultancy, and we exist to help businesses obtain bespoke utility contracts, renew their existing ones, and cut their costs. We are your one-stop-shop for everything utility.

SwiftSwitch have forged strong relationships with a vast array of UK utility suppliers, including the ‘big six’. Our large team of experts collectively harbour copious amounts of utility knowledge and the power. This knowledge enables us to source bespoke energy contracts for your business, ridding you of that burden. Finding contracts that cater to all of your businesses needs is hard enough. However, approaching lots of suppliers and attempting to come out with the most cost- effective and appropriately tailored deals can seem dangerously close to being impossible.

You can however count on us to take care of your entire switching process. We will search for your deal, secure your deal and inform your old supplier that you wish to take your business elsewhere.

SwiftSwitch also have an exclusive Members Club scheme, so once you become a SwiftSwitch customer you will never stop gaining.


It would be fair to say that there are far too many companies out there that deliver abysmally low levels of customer service. Being forced to bear the brunt of an unhelpful and disinterested customer service team can be frustrating and debilitating, especially if you are supposed to be receiving a vital service for your business. At SwiftSwitch we regard our customer service practices with the upmost importance. Before anything else, we ensure that the service we provide is consistently exceptional. As a utility consultancy we are here to make your life within the utility world as easy and as rewarding as possible. Utilities are boring, they are humdrum, but they are also a significant player in the modern business world. It is so easy to go wrong where utilities are concerned, adding unnecessary costs onto your businesses expenditure. Providing a first-class customer service to handle this delicate process is therefore vital.


  • Expert knowledge of the utility sector
  • The power to reduce your costs
  • Unrivalled customer service from our dedicated and friendly experts
  • Access to our members rewards scheme
  • Peace of mind- where utilities are concerned your business will be in the best hands
  • Jargon free advice and information on how to be energy efficient
  • The best rates on utility packages
  • Easy and quick opportunities to renew or switch your utility packages


Contract Renewal

At some time or another we all enter into our ‘contract renewal window’. Our contract renewal deadline date approaches and it is all too easy for us to just go ahead and make life easy, and sign on the line, without first considering the implications. Far too often the implications of being so nonchalant when it comes to renewing our utility contracts, is a loss of money. Yes, that’s right, neglecting to investigate other utility deals which leaves customers paying considerably more than is necessary. In fact, to paint an uglier, scarier picture of what happens when you fail to renew your contract – in extreme cases, when your supplier automatically rolls you onto a new contract for missing the renewal window, you could end up paying 150% over the market average. Too many businesses have been forced to shut down after incurring these charges from their suppliers.

Not to worry though, this is where SwiftSwitch become relevant… and very, very useful too.

All members of our exclusive club receive annual reminders of when their contract is up for renewal. Never again will you have to worry about getting rolled over, or going onto the dreaded out of contract rates.

Entering the contract renewal window shouldn’t fill you with dread. It should make your eyes fill up with pound signs. When your contract is up for renewal SwiftSwitch will be here to assess how your business can reduce its costs.

We will provide you with a friendly, easy service that allows you to find the best bespoke deals for your business. Our help takes the control away from the suppliers and places it back where it belongs… with you.

All you have to do is give one of our energy experts a call whenever you are free. They will then discuss with you what your usage is, how you can make the most savings, quote you better prices and arrange the deal with your chosen supplier.

Because the end goal is what all of this amounts to, for you to obtain a reduction of your costs.



SwiftSwitch will provide you with a dedicated account manager to discuss you business requirement.


We search the market on your behalf to find the most competitive utility contracts for your business needs.


Our team of experts will simplify the entire switching process by removing the burden of switching from you.


Once you are happy with your new contracts, your dedicated account manager will be on hand to assist with any queries that may arise.

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