The energy market is forever changing. It is a naturally chaotic environment. But, if you approach it well versed and aware, switching suppliers and securing the correct deal for your business should not be too much of a hard task. It should be easy; which is where SwiftSwitch steps in. We are your energy boffins.

Business energy is in no way dissimilar from domestic energy in terms of function. The way these products are packaged however, tends to differ. This is because businesses use their energy differently. For example, energy consumption depends on the size and the type of a business – a large industrial business with many factories will not want the same energy deal as a small, independent hairdressers. And remember, gas and electricity are always sold separately which means that you do not need to buy both products with one supplier. In fact, the best gas and electric deals are often found with different suppliers. It does not necessarily pay to ‘bung the deals together’!

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